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We are very excited to announce that our Kids Bars are now Non-GMO Project Verified!  We have been working very hard to receive the official Non-GMO Project Verification, and are thrilled to now proudly display the  symbol on our Kids Bars.

What exactly does this mean? Weren’t our Kids Bars already Non-GMO?

While our Kids Bars have always been ‘Non-GMO’, for the past two years we have been working hard to achieve official Non-GMO Project Verification status.  The Non-GMO Project Verification Program is the only third-party verification for non-GMO foods in North America.  A non-profit organisation, the Non-GMO Project works to educate consumers and provide verified Non-GMO choices.

What does it mean if a product is Non-GMO?

GMO stands for ‘Genetically Modified Organism’ – living organisms whose genetic material has been manipulated in a lab to achieve a desired trait.  This creates genes that do not occur in nature or result from traditional cross-breeding methods.

What is involved in achieving Non-GMO Project Verified Status?

Achieving Non-GMO Project Verification status is a rigorous process that involves working with skilled, third-party technical administrators to ensure the product is Non-GMO.  Throughout the verification process, every single ingredient in the product is analyzed in great detail to ensure it is Non-GMO.  Everything from the ingredients’ source, any processing the ingredient may have undergone, and any possible cross-contamination is considered.  Once approved, the Non-GMO Project Verified symbol can be displayed on the product’s packaging. 

Why is the Non-GMO Project Verified symbol so significant? 

While many products may claim to be ‘Non-GMO’, only products with the official Non-GMO Project Verified symbol have undergone the rigorous third-party verification required by the Non-GMO Project. You can be sure that products displaying the Non-GMO Project Verification symbol have undergone extensive review by the Non-GMO Project Verification Program to ensure they are Non-GMO.

We are so excited and proud that our Kids Bars can now join our Simply Bars, Chips, and Nut and Fruit bars as being Non-GMO Project Verified!

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